Changing the Lives of Children through Permanency

At Hamilton Child and Family Supports (formerly The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton) we have the responsibility and privilege of finding loving and nurturing homes for children who, for a number of reasons, are not able to be raised by their birth parents or other kin. Through the legal process of adoption, we participate in the creation of new families by matching children who want and need the commitment and security of a family with caring adults who are dedicated to the life-long role of parenting, with all the joys and challenges that will bring.

Most children are elementary school aged children (ages 5-12), and older youth (ages 12 and up) in need of a home where they can be supported as they grow up through their childhood and beyond into their adult years. Children come from a diverse range of cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Every effort is made to place children in an adoptive home with a culturally-matched family wherein they can experience the traditions and cultural practices of their heritage.

Many children require ongoing supports (educational, therapeutic, medical) in order to maximize their potential due to the impact of early life trauma and difficulties. All children require a home that will provide an accepting, healing environment where the child can learn to trust that their needs will be met and where their needs are a priority.

Adoptive families, like families everywhere, come in different shapes and sizes: couples who are married, common-law, same gender, single parents, families with children, and families of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. If your desire is to create a family or add to your family through adoption by making a life-long commitment to a child, we would like to hear from you.

To learn more about adopting through Hamilton Child and Family Supports, please visit the Adoption Information page.

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