Hamilton Child and Family Supports (formerly The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton) is committed to providing optimum services to the children, youth and families we work with. If you have a concern or complaint about our service, we want to work with you to resolve the issue.

Informal Complaints

If there is a problem, we will do our best to resolve it. Parents can contact their Child Protection Worker directly with questions, concerns or for clarification. If this does not resolve the issue, parents can contact their Child Protection Worker’s supervisor.

Formal Complaints

The organization has a formal internal complaints procedure that will be explained to parents should a resolution not be found through speaking to the Child Protection Worker and/or their supervisor. This is the first step in the formal complaint process. Please complete the Formal Complaint To A Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel (ICRP) Form and submit it to the Society by delivery, mail, fax or e-mail.

Information on making an external formal complaint through the Child and Family Service Review Board can be found on the website for the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services.

Child or Youth Complaints

Effective May 1, 2019, the Ontario Ombudsman’s new Children and Youth Unit can answer questions, provide information about the rights of children and youth, conduct investigations, and address complaints from young people and adults who may have concerns about services provided under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act.

To contact the Ontario Ombudsman’s Children and Youth Unit call 1-800-263-2841 (toll free) or email cy-ej@ombudsman.on.ca.

Click here to view the Ombudsman’s “Know Your Rights in Care” Brochures.

Know Your Legal Rights

Are you or a family member involved with a children’s aid society in Ontario? Here is some information about legal rights and available resources.

Rights and Responsibilities of Children and Young Persons in Society Care

Rights of Children and Young Persons Receiving Service