Our Guiding Principles

Hamilton Child and Family Supports (formerly The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton) launched a five year strategic vision in November of 2019. This plan, which included a re-allocation of service staff to support agency goals, continues the good work of the agency, but also marks new beginning.

Six areas of focus guide the agency’s work. These guiding principles include a commitment to keeping children safe with their family and in their community, providing service and centering decisions on the needs and voice of children, youth and families, achieving permanency for children and youth involved with the agency and supporting children and youth to reach their full potential, creating an engaged and healthy workplace and enhancing relationships and partnerships with identified communities. Equity and inclusion are centred in the guiding principles.

Click on each area below to read examples of the agency’s vision in action from our most recent Community Report!

Safety & Well-Being
Children and youth safety and well-being will be increased within the family through good assessment and planning, capacity building and accessing the assets of the family and the community.

Permanency & Potential
Enable children and youth in care to find permanency and reach their full potential.

Engaged & Inspired
Agency staff, foster parents and volunteers will be engaged and inspired in a healthy workplace.

Strategic Partnerships
Develop and maintain strategic partnerships within the community and across the province that assist in supporting vulnerable children and families.

Continuous Improvement
Enhance systems to support continuous quality improvement, transparency and accountability.

Resources & Sustainability
Ensure that valuable resources are in place to support service outcomes and ensure financial sustainability.