If you know or suspect a child is in need of protection:

Call Hamilton Child and Family Supports (formerly The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton) at 905-522-1121

For service in French call 1-855-550-3571

Call the After Hours Emergency Services at 905-522-8053 after 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, on weekends and holidays.

Protecting children from harm is our priority. We attempt to do this by working together with parents and members of our community.

We all share a responsibility to protect children from harm. You can do your part in helping to protect children from potential abuse and neglect by ensuring you know your duty to report and who to call if you have a concern. Learn more.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you should report a concern, you may contact the organization for a confidential consultation. This process allows you to speak with a qualified Child Protection Worker and anonymously provide non-identifying information about the child and/or family and a brief scenario about your concern. Through this process, the Child Protection Worker can recommend whether or not you should report your concern.

Learn more about your Duty to Report.